SaaS kicks off 2020 with an extra billion in VC funding as round count halves – TechCrunch

The venture capital world is investing more capital into software-as-a-service companies (SaaS), despite cutting the number of deals it executes within the startup category, according to Crunchbase data. The results echo other venture data we’ve explored rece…

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Trump Administration slashes basic science research while boosting space, AI and quantum tech funding

The new fiscal year 2021 budget proposal from the Trump Administration would increase funding for research and development by $142 billion over the Administration’s previous year’s budget, but will still reduce overall spending for science and technology from…

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Politically charged Oscars hit all-time low rating, plummet almost 6 million viewers from 2019

ABC’s politically charged Oscar telecast averaged 23.6 million viewers on Sunday night, the smallest audience ever, according to The Hollywood Reporter. THR noted that total was “well below the 29.56 million and 7.7 for last year’s awards,” and down 20 perce…

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